Further Adventures - No. 1

It won't take us long to find another way out

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1 - Talk about the comic

I’m making this option number one because it’s so important: Would you mind telling people about Further Adventures, please? 😊

Please share the link to this first issue. And not only on social media. Why not check in with an old friend who’s hooked on animated shows? DM that colleague who loves sci-fi movies. Tell the next person you meet for lunch that you’ve discovered something new — let’s build the first community of readers! Click ‘Share’ or copy and paste this link: https://nikolausmorris.substack.com/p/furtheradventuresone


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Don't know how to use a CBR file? It's easy but takes a few steps

Apps that read CBR files have navigation options especially suited to reading and saving your place in digital comic books. Moreover, CBR files can be high-resolution, so you can pinch and zoom right in when you want to see detail in a panel.

You can get these files onto your device through a direct download, or using cloud storage, or with a USB cable. Then you’ll need to install a compatible app and import the file into that.

That’s a lot of steps, and I’m sorry that I can’t provide a step-by-step guide because different devices handle files in different ways. But once you’ve done it once, you’ll find it really easy to do it again.

What app do I need?

On an Apple iOS device, you can use Panels, which is free and excellent. On Android devices, there are many options but the better ones often require a one-time purchase. I use a Kindle Fire HD and bought ComicCat from the Amazon App Store — I think Further Adventures looks excellent on it! Finally, on a computer, you can use a free desktop version of CDisplayEx (Windows) or YACReader (Mac) to read the CBR on your enormous monitor. I consider this the IMAX experience.

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You can support the production of Further Adventures and get something in return: a high-definition experience when you next want to read the issue where it all began.

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The CBZ format is similar to CBR, and comic apps usually read both. Find out more about these filetypes on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comic_book_archive